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Enjoyment - No matter the score!

By Peter Tseros

It was in interesting match for The Basin Red and Green who had to play each other last weekend. Club coach Kristy Dahan was given the challenge of coaching both her sides against each other for the first time.

“We treated the game very differently compared to other matches mixing the sides up a bit to make the game more competitive and enjoyable” said coach Dahan.

The Reds are currently sitting on top of the ladder after winning all seven for their matches so far and dominating the competition in division four.

While the Greens have had a very different sort of season, being winless and unable to show the form of their counterpart team.

The Reds are in fine form and it has shown in all their matches so far and with natural goal scorers such as Kylie Baumgarten who has scored 107 goals so far and is leading the competition, making hard to stop The Reds on a weekly basis.

“We couldn’t be happier with the team this year and we are pretty confident in going all the way, though anything can happen, we need to keep fit and hopefully stay injury-free” continued Dahan.

And why wouldn’t you be with the side being in such incredible form and with The Basin’s ability to use players all around the court, change positions around and continue to win, makes it hard for rival sides to get on top.

Though looking at the other Basin team, it has been a very hard season for them so far in 2015. Unfortunately going down by nineteen goals to the Reds last week they will be lining up against Coldstream Blue who are third on the ladder and in fine form.

“It has been a tough year but that’s because there are a lot of players who have never played netball before, however there have been signs of improvement” said coach Dahan.

With the experiences learnt from this year Dahan is confident that the side will grow from it and make a bigger impact come next season. Even though the sides were mixed a round a little, their coach did see some big improvements from last week and as a result is confident that a win is just around the corner.

As for the Reds they will be coming up against South Croydon this week who are sitting second last, just above The Basin Green with one win.

Though as this week will most likely be pencilled in as a win for Dahan’s team, there is a long season a head. Only time will tell if the Reds can continue their form and stay uninjured come finals and make a real push for division three next year.

Friday, May 08, 2015 12:24 Age: 1 yrs



Eastern Lions netting wins!

By Peter Tseros

Top of the ladder with two solid wins. An incredible start to the season for the new side in Division 1, the Eastern Lions.

As one of a number of first year teams in the in the competition the Lions have defeated Knox by 37 points and Ringwood Red by 13 to be 2-0 and Eastern Lions Administrator Danica Treverton is delighted

“We are really enjoying the season so far, I am really happy with the way the team is playing so early on.”

The side is playing well, which has increased confidence that they can tackle any team and be more than just competitive.

Though, as all teams will have to face this season, injuries are going to hurt and getting their best players on the court will be essential for the Lions to retain their top spot

“We had an injury to one of our key players Mel [Walter] last week, which was a bit disappointing, She has hurt her knee but its not season ending, she will be out for the next four weeks” Continued Treverton.

Apart from the minor injury setback, the Lions are excited to continue the season and push for finals in their debut year. Despite the difficulty of lining up against sides that they have never faced prior.

“It’s tough because we don’t really know the standards of the other sides, but the team we have has played together elsewhere so they have a good relationship with each other which is really helping us”, Said Treverton.

Despite the Lions attack scoring heavily, it’s been their defence that has impressed Treverton this season as well.

Their ability to not only score but also keep the opposition from scoring is the reason they are the best side so early on. It is a team effort, though there have been a couple of standouts Traverton mentioned,

“Allana [Osborne] and Marian [Varney] have worked really well together and have been fantastic shutting down the opposition’.

It’s a long season and if the Lions continue their form throughout the season then finals is more than a possibility, which both Traverton and the team are confidant they will make.

Friday, May 15, 2015 11:21 Age: 1 yrs



Zebras Netballers - Hold the fort

Forest Hill has so far set Division 4 netball alight in 2015 with their dominance over the first three games.

The team are now recovering since their biggest win for the season to date, after beating The Basin Green by a 26 goals and keeping The Bears to a low scoring six goals.

It’s no secret that Forest Hill is the team to watch in the eastern suburbs for Division 4. The side have matched up against three-quality opponents this year and have brought home the win in each occasion.

Comfortably sitting first on the ladder after defeating Ringwood Black in a thrilling encounter, where they managed to take away the win by only three goals. After that Forest Hill were hit with yet another challenge, but still managing the 10 goal win against The Montrose Devils before their latest encounter with The Basin Green.

The wins have been fantastic, especially so early in the season; though what has been incredible are the few goals they have scored in all three matches. Forest Hill has raked up a low 77 goals so far which places them 5th for scoring.

Their tight defence has been spectacular and allowed the team to keep their opposition at bay. Though this week the defence will come up against their greatest challenge of this season so far, when they match up against The Basin Red who is sitting in second place also without a loss.

 Forest Hill must note that the Basin Red are also sitting first in goals scored this year, Kylie Baumgarten is leading the way with 53and is third overall for the Division.

Although Forest Hill are not unequipped for goal scorers with Daniel Kool shining with fifty-one goals of her own. Even with her efforts the side has still only scored an oddly low 77 goals after such a fantastic start.

It is going to be the match of the round this week and a must watch for all netball fans.

Although now Forest Hill are going to need to find more avenues to goal if they are going to get over The Basin Red this week, as an all out defensive game may not be as effective against such a high scoring side. Though from what we have seen both side are capable of big wins and this match should be a thriller.


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